How we started

Altern was set up in 2008 with the objective to tackle issues related to energy.

The company’s first goal was to promote cost effective measures that can be easily implemented, leading to immediate improvements in our dependence on conventional sources of energy.

Our Mission

Altern shall provide simple and effective sustainable solutions that are both financially and environmentally feasible.

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Our Vision & Values

The Altern management team offers extensive background in Engineering, Finance, and Sustainability.

They act as a reference to the company, and work on ensuring the ideas proposed by the company are implemented successfully. Altern also comprises of a very strong team of consultants, both from the Engineering and Finance sectors. These consultants support the management in channelling the right ideas, whilst aiding in having an innovative, steadfast company.


The values advocated by Altern are a reflection of the personal nature of its Management Team. Their young nature, experience and open-mindedness have led the company to follow a number of fundamental principles.

Consumer Orientation

Throughout the stages of development and implementation of solutions the customer is always the focus of discussion. Providing a quality product, which satisfies the user, is considered critical for the success of any company.

Social Conscience

The management keeps equal opportunities at heart, while race, gender, or disability are not considered to be of any consideration, given that the employee performs as required. Students involved in related subjects are considered fresh sources of knowledge and innovation, and opportunities are given to such people to work on projects.

Employee Orientation

The company acknowledges that for it to function well the employees must be the strong foundation of the pyramid. Importance is given to providing a safe and healthy working environment, whilst providing adequate training and opportunities.


Quality and continuous improvement is considered one of the key factors that makes up a successful company. Innovation and Zero Defects policies are implemented throughout the projects.


Altern is sensitive to the issues that affect our society, both from an Environmental and Social perspective. The Altern team is unanimously against discrimination of any kind. 

Through its work, Altern aims at improving the wellbeing of society at large, by providing more feasible sustainable solutions which complement both the environmental and social need of today’s society.

Core Competence

Altern, together with its partners, brings in experts and employees who have worked extensively on Sustainable products and Alternative Energy projects. Amongst the expertise offered by the Altern Team one can find knowledge and experience on:

Decentralization of Energy Production

Application and Financial Feasibility of Sustainable Solutions

Building Energy Analysis and Sustainable Building Materials

Designing, Manufacturing, Building, and Testing of LED lighting systems

Photovoltaic Technologies including Design and Implementation of large scale PV Projects

Cogeneration technologies such as Combined Heat and Power machines

Biofuel production and application

Sustainable Transportation such as Electric Mobility

Battery and Energy Storage Technologies

Our Partners