Energy Performance Certificates

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is for buildings what the energy label is for household appliances.  The EPC has a scale bar which depicts the energy use and carbon dioxide equivalent emissions of the said building.  In Malta, EPC certificates are issued for both dwellings and non-dwellings, and such certificates can only be issued by a registered EPB assessor.Contact us if you require further information on Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).


Water Management

Water management is a key aspect of environmental sustainability, and Altern aims at offering unique products that can achieve true water conservation.

The Water Valve by Abertax Technologies provides an innovative solution for level valves that reduces water losses and maintenance.

Altern has collaborated on a number of water related research projects, including the use of second class water for Algae growth for Biofuel generation, and the development of machines for the generation of potable water from air humidity.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps offer an energy efficient solution for the generation of thermal energy where liquid and gas fuels cannot be used.

Altern uses the latest German technologies to offer a range of Heat Pump variants, including air-sourced, water-sourced and geo-thermal systems.

Heat Pump configurations are designed by Altern’s in-house team of engineers, in order to ensure that the system is sized to the client’s requirements.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technologies offer the potential for Decentralization of Energy Production, thus reducing transmission costs, and infrastructural cost involved in setting up grid connection in remote areas.

Using German manufactured CHPs, Altern ensures that the best technologies can be applied to a range of scenarios including hotels, industry and public pools.

Altern offers a range of CHP technologies running on gas or liquid fuels, with systems ranging from as low as 5kWe/10kWth up to MW values.

Altern is currently developing its own micro-CHP for domestic and off-grid applications.

LED Lighting

LED lighting, on average, is shown to achieve over 50% reduction in energy consumption and more than twice the lifetime when compared to conventional lighting technologies.

The Made by Altern range of LED offers a unique array of LED products designed and manufactured in-house, offering the possibility to develop custom products focused on realizing the client’s vision.

Altern offers a range of domestic and office lighting using high efficiency LED chips, and long-lasting drivers, to ensure the best in energy consumption and lifetime.

Architectural lighting using Made by Altern products and LED lighting from renowned suppliers ensures that the project at hand is designed and implemented successfully.

High Power LED for Sport, Industry and Street Lighting using high efficiency LED chips ensure sustainability in every sector.

Altern offers a range of Meanwell switch-mode power supplies and Made by Altern linear power supplies, in order to ensure the best product for every application.


Energy Storage

Energy Storage is a critical component within any off-grid system requiring energy to be stored for use when required. Altern offers a range of battery systems both for off-grid and on-grid systems.

Altern, together with its partners, has unique expertise on both Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries, and the integration of such units within complete projects.

Through the use of locally designed and manufactured Battery Monitoring Systems with online Battery Management, Altern ensures that Energy Storage projects can be implemented and managed successfully throughout their lifetime.

Altern offers domestic and industrial Battery Package Systems integrated together with Photovoltaic systems, LED lighting and Inverter units to provide power within the said building.

Solar Energy

The Altern Team, together with its partners, offers extensive experience in Design and Build of Photovoltaic Panels on an Industrial Scale.

With the use of German technology, Altern ensures constant Quality Products and Unique Expertise in the field of Solar Energy.

Widespread PV application through the use of innovative technologies such as Glass-Glass Photovoltaic and Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV).

We invest in solar energy!  If you have an area which you would like to develop into a solar farm contact us now.


Feasibility Studies

With backgrounds in both Engineering and Finance, the Altern Team ensures an approach that considers both the Environmental and Financial Sustainability of proposed solutions.  Aware of the financial burdens facing companies today, all proposed Technologies, Energy Generation systems, and Solutions, come with detailed Feasibility Studies, taking into consideration the Investment involved, any Incentives available, and the Running Costs entailed.  Altern acknowledges that the Return on Investment of any option is critical for the feasibility of projects or companies.The Altern Team, and its consultants, have extensive experience in European Funded projects. Whenever possible, Altern aims at tapping European and State Aid specifically focused on Sustainability Projects.  This ensures more cost-effective projects, with shorter Return on Investment periods.

Environmental Standards

ISO Standards have become a key tool within many successful companies, as well as a must have for any entity seeking to promote its work internationally. Environmental ISO standards are an array of standards focused on the control of various environmental aspects that a company may have an affect on, including:

  • Energy Use
  • Waste
  • Sound Pollution
  • Lighting Pollution
  • Transport energy
  • Toxic Waste

Altern, together with its partners, offers consultancy and step-by-step guidance to companies and entities wishing to achieve environmental ISO standards, specifically the ISO14001, ISO50001 and ISO50002 ranges.

Resource Management

The Altern Team boasts years of experience in different areas of expertise related to Energy and Engineering.  Through its pool of experts, Altern offers Sustainable Expertise for Domestic cases, Industrial Buildings, and Businesses in general. Altern offers programs and training on specific good practices for running a Business Greener. From information campaigns, to employee awareness, Altern focuses on simple, effective methods of instilling sustainability within the management and its employees.  Using concepts such as Continual Improvement and Quality Management Systems coupled with monitoring technologies, the Altern Team ensures long lasting results through specific tailor-made programs. Altern plays an important role in the choice of Sustainable options in the Building Design and Building Technologies, to ensure a building which is closer to the legislative requirements and therefore more sustainable.  Using Building Simulation as reference, the effects of specific options and technologies are analyzed and the results weighed accordingly.  Through the wide pool of expertise on different technologies and methodologies, Altern ensures a holistic approach towards Sustainability in buildings.