Altern aims at offering Services and Solutions at every stage of a Building Life Cycle to ensure a Holistic Sustainable Approach.  The ultimate objective of this concept is to develop buildings which are sustainable in all respects, aiming at Carbon Neutral Buildings from the early design stages.Using advanced Simulation Software, Altern offers the possibility to analyse different design options, materials and building envelope features which aid the Energy Performance of a building.At implementation stage, Altern uses its expertise to propose the ideal Sustainable Solutions for the reduction in energy consumption, as well as the production of Alternative Energy.

The building is Digitally Simulated under different Maltese (or any other location) environmental conditions (Daily, Monthly, Seasonal), to output the building thermal loads. Such a software gives the possibility to analyze in detail the periodic temperatures and thermal loads of each room in a building, months before constructing the real structure.

The software is used by Altern Engineers at various stages in a Building life cycle including:

  • The choice of specific materials and assembly methods of Walls, Roofs, Glazing, and Partitions.
  • The choice of passive cooling systems and their effects on the building
  • The simulation of the Building Thermal Performance under specific environmental conditions, taking into consideration outdoor effects such as third-party building shading
  • The simulation of the Building Thermal Performance under different load conditions (e.g. occupancy, lighting, etc.)
  • The Design of correct HVAC systems for each specific room and area, for maximum efficiency

This software also gives the possibility to compare the building to a simulated Baseline Building as specified by the local Energy Legislations.  It can be shown that, such simulations offer the most accurate results in building energy performance and grading.

Throughout, Altern uses its partners to ensure sustainability at all levels, including Waste Management during project implementation, as well as at the end of the project lifetime.