The Altern Team boasts years of experience in different areas of expertise related to Energy and Engineering.  Through its pool of experts, Altern offers Sustainable Expertise for Domestic cases, Industrial Buildings, and Businesses in general. Altern offers programs and training on specific good practices for running a Business Greener. From information campaigns, to employee awareness, Altern focuses on simple, effective methods of instilling sustainability within the management and its employees.  Using concepts such as Continual Improvement and Quality Management Systems coupled with monitoring technologies, the Altern Team ensures long lasting results through specific tailor-made programs. Altern plays an important role in the choice of Sustainable options in the Building Design and Building Technologies, to ensure a building which is closer to the legislative requirements and therefore more sustainable.  Using Building Simulation as reference, the effects of specific options and technologies are analyzed and the results weighed accordingly.  Through the wide pool of expertise on different technologies and methodologies, Altern ensures a holistic approach towards Sustainability in buildings.